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Extended Stay America - Miami, FL

Miami, FL

You feel the sand between your toes as you stroll down the beach, totally relaxed with the sun's rays kissing your face. With the prickly taste of mint mojitos lingering on your lips, a sea breeze fills your nostrils as a samba rhythm flows gently into your ears, igniting every one of your senses. This can only mean one thing: you're in Miami!

One of the most diverse cities in America, Miami is home to a vibrant mixture of Latin American, Caribbean, and European cultures, making it one of the most unique and intriguing tourist destinations anywhere in the world.

In Miami, it's always party time. From mimosas and mojitos with a leisurely brunch, to champagne and coronas in trendy late-night clubs, Miami is a place of ultimate self-indulgence. Leave all the stresses of home where they belong, and forget about the outside world as you melt away into the relaxing, yet exhilarating atmosphere that embodies Miami's quality of life.

If you think about Miami, images of South Beach, the city's most famous locale, are often conjured up. Here, mile upon mile of perfect porcelain-white sand is lined with tall palm trees that flutter in the cooling breeze as it saunters in from the tropical waters. If you are looking for the bars, simply follow the ever-present samba beat, which is only interrupted by periods of raucous laughter. Little Havana is home to a large Cuban population which has shaped the area into a colorful Latin borough. Here, the scents of Cuban coffee and quality cigars mingle with Caribbean music to treat your senses.

Leading to one of Miami's sailing ports is Coconut grove, another popular tourist destination that is home to a number of exciting nightclubs and enticing restaurants.

If you are feeling adventurous enough to leave the bar scene and the beaches, Miami offers some of the best water sports in the world, including: scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and deep-sea fishing. The Florida Everglades is only a brief drive from downtown Miami, where you can go to take a trip on the world-famous iconic hovercrafts through waters that contain alligators, crocodiles, and dozens of snakes. Guided tours of The Everglades provide a wild touch to what is otherwise one of the world's most welcoming destinations.

If all this talk of adventure is too much for you, maybe you would be more at home on one of Miami's perfectly manicured golf courses, which include the prestigious Doral Resort, host of the annual World Golf Championships CA Championship. You may also want to visit some of Miami's world-class museums, such as the Museum of Science and Space Transit and the Seaquarium. Another fascinating attraction is a Spanish Monastery, which dates back to 1133, and is the oldest building in the country.

Nothing in Miami is hurried, not even, it seems, Mother Nature, as the sun appears to rise and set more slowly here than anywhere else. In keeping with the vibe of ultimate relaxation, you can opt to pull the roof off of your convertible and take a cruise down to Key West, Florida's southernmost destination. On the journey, gaze out into the bluest water you have ever seen and look for dolphins breaching the ocean's surface; or watch as jet skiers enjoy the world's largest playground. All the while, the samba rhythm plays continually in your mind and the world slows to whatever pace you're comfortable with.

And if you are still, after all this, looking for a reason to come to Miami, align your trip with one of the many exciting events that take place here, such as the International Boat Show, the Film Festival, the Miami Carnival, Miami Fashion Week, Winter Music Conference, and so much more!

No matter what brings you to the city, you are sure to find a comfortable, convenient, and affordable hotels in Miami at any of our Extended Stay America locations.